Why not learn to fly a hot air balloon?
Within Ciel-ÉVASION, Christophe, federal instructor, can teach you the rigorous art of piloting a hot-air balloon while sharing his passion with you in a friendly spirit.
The practice of piloting a hot air balloon is regulated by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC). You must have a free balloon pilot license to fly. Following a solid training in balloon piloting and after the theoretical and practical tests, you will obtain your pilot's license. To do this, it will be necessary to satisfy a medical examination (Class 2) with a doctor approved by the civil aviation and to be 17 years old.

The training has two parts:
• Practical: The lessons are given during a minimum of 16 flights (around 45 minutes) around Rouen in double order with your instructor. The duration of training depends on your availability as well as the weather conditions, but it takes a few months reasonably to acquire a solid and quality training validated by two solo flights.

• Theory: around 12 hours of lessons are spread throughout the training: course in air and traffic regulations, flight technique, meteorology, navigation, gas, etc. These courses can take place on board during the flight, in situ.

The regulations require having completed at least 16 hours of flight as a free hot air balloon pilot including at least 12 climbs. Two of these climbs, lasting a total of at least 2 hours, must be made as a pilot alone on board, including one at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. At the end of these solos, you can be "let go", fit to take the flight test with an examiner. The flight examination also includes a radiotelephony test.

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Price: 500 € ttc / the 45 mins course (We put all the necessary recent equipment (envelope, basket, burner, gas, trailer, reunion vehicle…) at your disposal.

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It is compulsory for students to pass their Class 2 aptitude certificates before starting the training,

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Examining physicians approved by the DGAC to issue Class 2 certificates of competence

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